About Founder

Nagarjuna Malempati I'm Nagarjuna Malempati, Co-Founder of FoodNCare. Strategic thinker, Problem solver and Innovator; passionate about using technology to improve standard of living in the world. I've been working with the Vishnu regarding this idea from start of 2021 and it's been great collaboration and super happy to contribute to the non-profit organization. 

Vishnu Ayalasomayajula is a sophomore at Northcreek high school Bothell WA. He is passionate about applying technology to change lives for better. His motivation to contribute to community and serve vulnerable and needy led him to start foodncare.org, a platform that brings donors and charities together to combat food insecurity and care for underprivileged communities. Key to this platform lies in transparency and build trust. Vishnu is expanding this initiative and partnering with other high school students to help scale charities in their local communities. His hobbies include cooking vegetarian food, singing Carnatic music and playing Saraswathi Veena, the National Instrument of India. He has also composed multiple songs, written articles on historical perspective of Veena and presented in international conferences.